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Tribute to our beloved Doodle, who quickly became very popular within the MFNetwork. 

Doodle was a 7year old Golden Severum that was rescued by our founder in 2019. He was a lively character that would frequently make an appearance on the MFNetwork platforms. Often swimming into view of the filming camera during TikTok Live streams and entertaining the hundreds of viewers with his obvious fear of missing out on the action. Doodle very quickly became well-loved by all within the MFNetwork community and granted the honour of being the communties Mascot, by the younger members. 

Unfortuately, Doodle had a number of issues that lingered after being rescued which caused him some difficulties with his boyancy and digestion. Despite the well wishes, expert advice from specialist veterinarins, quarentines, medications and many months of fighting to get him back to full health. Doodle passed away during the night on January 5th 2022.

MFNetwork members flooded the community platform with warm thoughts, prayers and tributes to their beloved mascot. Here we present the artwork commission by the founders of the MFNetwork and created by our dear friend, the talented Harley Maher. 

MFNetwork Community Mall

Many of our members provide a range of services and/or manage their own online stores to sell and advertise their handicrafts and products. Here you will find a directory of these member-owned shops and services for you to peruse. 

The MFNetwork does not own, manage or have influence over any of the sites listed below.  The MFnetwork provides a space for its members to signpost potential customers to their separatly owned sites.


MFN themed store to support the sites running costs

Space Raider Jewellery

Handcrafted Jewellery and Charms

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Artist - Commisions Available

Karen's Cat Community

Mid-Wales independant Charity and Rescue