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DissociaDID is a YouTube channel with associated social media profiles, established by Chloe Wilkinson  under the name Kya. The purpose of DissociaDID is to spread awareness about Dissociative Identity Disorder (“DID”) and de-stigmatise DID, by making educational and informative content for viewers, with currently over 1.1m subscribers on YouTube. DissociaDID also helps to fundraise for charities while supporting others who may be struggling with their mental health.

Hundreds of members of the MFNetwork communtity are also followers and subscribers of DissociaDID and so it will come of no surprise that MFNetwork fully supports our dear friends at DissociaDID in raising funds to cover the legal costs of an ongoing court case.

To learn more behind DissociaDID's story and the court case and pledge your support, follow the link 


"Zealandian"  is a single father of 5, one of his children is a 2yr old son who is severely disabled with a condition called Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome and will need to go into a wheelchair in the next few years.

Zealandian needs a mobility van so that he can transport his family, and taking his son to his hospital appointments, surgeries, etc. They weren't planning on starting this process for another couple of years, however the 7 seater van they had has since broken down and is beyond repair and now the 5 seater car they have been using in the mean time now has got to have over $2k of repairs done in it for it to pass it's WOF next year. They currently don't have suitable transportation for all 5 kids, if he is unable to raise enough for a mobility van, funds will go towards the purchase of an 8 seater van until such a time we can get a mobility van.

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