While we make every attempt to ensure the petitions listed are open to everyone
we do have a number of petitions which may only be signed by UK citizens.

End the protest bloodshed in Iran

Right now, there is a crisis of impunity in Iran, and it has emboldened the Iranian authorities to kill hundreds of protesters and torture and ill-treat thousands more in recent years withoutfear of consequences. It is time for states engaging at the UN Human Rights Council to help tackle impunity for grave crimes in Iran.

Sign the petition and call on states to set up an independent UN mechanism now to investigate and ensure accountability for the most serious crimes under international law in Iran.

Increase Carer's Allowance to equal 35hrs at National Minimum Wage

As of April 2022 Carer's Allowance is £69.70 a week for at least 35 hours caring a week, which works out at roughly £1.99 p/h. National Minimum Wage for 18 year olds is currently £6.83 p/h.
The MFNetwork supports the call for Carer's Allowance to be increased to £239.05 a week, to reflect the commitment and work carers provide

We encourage you to learn more an sign the petition with us..

Increase mental health care funding for children under 11s

NHS mental health services for young people and children are available but can be difficult to access for children under the age of 11.

Access to these services can depend on where you live and if your local NHS authority provide care for children under 11.

We support the call on the Government to increase funding for mental health services for under 11s.

Mandatory Mental Health Training for all educational and early years staff

A study by Harvard University in 2012 reported that the environment of learning of which a child develops needs to have a level of robust psychological and mental health awareness (Read Here). All staff in the education services should be trained to identify mental health issues, and also signpost students to relevant support networks. 

We support the petition to the  UK Government to make mental health training mandatory, for all educational and early years staff from nursery schools through to universities.