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We are currently constructing this website, however we do not wish for you to be inconvienced and/or unable to access relevant information. As such we have included our collection of papers here, should you wish to access the research articles.

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The MFNetwork aims to provide a central hub of information and research for it's users. However we are merely human and unfortuately will never be all-knowing and all-seeing. Therefore we welcome you to inform us of useful peer-reviewed, evidence based contemporary research in the field of Trauma & Dissociative Disorders If you are comfortable leaving your email, this will be to open a dialogue between us about these resources, as we may have questions or would like more information on what you have shared.

Trauma-Informed Organisation training

This training package has been produced by Barnardo’s Cymru with funding from Welsh Government. It is aligned to the Welsh Trauma Framework to support a coherent, consistent approach to developing and implementing trauma-informed practice. The training has been specifically developed in partnership with and for smaller community organisations which make a significant contribution to supporting people. Whether you support children, young people or adult’s, a trauma-informed approach will do no harm and can promote healing and recovery for all. The training embodies the knowledge that trauma can be experienced by all and the approach includes how organisations support and value their staff as well as service users.

Traumatic Stress Wales Initiative

Traumatic Stress Wales is a national initiative that works through a network of easily accessible, locally based services centred around the people they are trying to help with streamlined care pathways to avoid unnecessary repeated referral and assessment. The initiative covers children, young people and adults, and is co-produced, co-owned and co-delivered by all relevant stakeholders, including people with lived experience of PTSD and CPTSD.

"Supporting People Affected by Traumatic Events."

Traumatic Stress Wales is funded by Welsh Government and aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people of all ages living in Wales at risk of developing or with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD).

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