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Z-Library is one of the largest online libraries in the world that contains over 11,179,413 books and 84,837,000 articles. They aim to make literature accessible to everyone

Marconi Union Weightless

The Ambient Zone selects and curates ambient music from across the full musical spectrum to create a magical listening experience acting as a trusted curator for a growing community of ambient music fans, offering all the good things that the word ‘ambient’ means and is associated with to different people in a quieter world

Building a Sensory Toolkit for Grounding

One way to make grounding accessible is to build yourself a sensory toolkit. A sensory toolkit is a small box or bag where you keep a few items that you can use to help you ground. You may want to have a big one to keep at home, and another that is portable that you can take with you out into the world.


Shine is a website and mobile app that was co-founded by two women of color. It was created in order to fundamentally shif representation in mental health, and the platform centers around advocating for inclusion in the wellness industry. The app is home to a number of meditations and stories that are predominantly written by and voiced by Black women.

From Your Wrists to Your Ankles: Stretching and Mobility Resources for all Ages

Written by Michelle Wheat

Page full of resources on safe strectches and excersize for people of all ages. This was kindly sent in to us by a young lady named Ella who is passionate about health, wellbeing and yoga.  

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